Don't throw your latex balloons away after one use, insert a Balloon Bug® and reuse the balloons again and again!

Made from a totally sustainable source - the cork oak trees grow in the beautiful forests of Portugal and are harvested every 9 years, the cork is removed and the trees continue to grow and flourish. The balloon bugs are the perfect size and weight for 16" and 24" latex balloons - so inflate, twist the end, insert a bug and party!

Simply remove the bug after all the fun is over and store in our gorgeous eco-friendly box ready for your next celebration... easy!

Each balloon bug is attached to cotton twine and the more the latex balloons are used, the faster the natural degrading process occurs, resulting in a fully biodegrable product.

Balloon Bug® has been invented and designed by Lovebug&Co. Member of 1% For the Planet x

Trade accounts available - email us to set up a trade account and become a green supplier of reusable balloon sets. Apply here

Re-usable balloon sets