balloon bug®

We've invented a fab alternative to single-use balloons - the Balloon Bug® transforms a natural latex balloon into a multi-use product, you can re-use your latex balloons up to 15 times and the life of the Balloon Bug® is unlimited!

Don't throw your latex balloons away after one use, insert a Balloon Bug® inside the inflated balloon instead, then when the party's over, just simply remove the Balloon Bug® - you can re-use the balloon AND the Balloon Bug®

A totally sustainable product - the cork oak trees grow in the beautiful forests of Portugal and are harvested every 9 years, the cork is removed and the trees continue to grow and flourish.  

Balloon Bug® has been designed by Lovebug&Co in the UK.

Balloon bug balloon sets

Launching Summer 2019 - our Re-usable latex balloon and Balloon Bug® sets are available in a range of colours - if you need a specific balloon colour, just email us and we'll do our best - [email protected]

Re-usable balloon sets