Eco-friendly balloon artists – influencing the industry and making changes!

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We may be the new kids on the block, but with over 10 years event management experience and 3 years creating some stunning balloons, we’ve hit the ground running!

Lovebug&Co was founded to offer stylish balloons that follow an eco-friendly ethos – we’ve never been involved in balloon releases and although we used to sell feather filled balloons, we don’t anymore.

The feathers used are a by-product of the poultry and gaming industry and most of the feathers are shipped over from main land Europe, cleaned, dyed and packaged in the UK - – we just didn’t feel comfortable handling and selling the feathers.

Our bubble balloons are filled with 3 sizes of biodegradable confetti, and although the balloon itself doesn’t dispose easily, we encourage our customers to reuse, recycle or return the balloons to us, and we can dispose of them, or reuse them. No waste here! Check out our sustainability policy for more info.

We take so much pride in our creations, and love the fact that we hand make our own string tails from biodegradable confetti to tassel tails, everything is handmade to order in our warehouse in Leicester. 

Although we love our balloons, we also plan to source and produce other eco-friendly party and event supplies, from bunting and decorations to party goody bags and everything in between!

Look out for our new products which are launching soon!


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