Our environmental policy

As a balloon and party supplier, we are finding solutions to minimize the environmental footprint and impact our products and practices have on our world. We’re not 100% eco-friendly yet, but listed below are the areas we’ve addressed so far in controlling the impact our business has on the environment …


Confetti and latex balloons - We use biodegradable confetti, sourced within the UK and biodegradable 100% natural latex balloons too - the confetti and latex balloons can be disposed via household bins or composted as they will decompose.  The gold and silver metallic confetti discs are not biodegradable, but there are lots of options to reuse these, from fun art projects to scaring birds in your garden!  

We have never supplied “balloon releases” due to the impact of balloons travelling many miles on wildlife and the marine environment. 

Handmade tassel tails and hangings – unlike a lot of companies, we hand make our own tassel tails and hangings to order, which cuts down on delivery, packaging and over-ordering, whilst minimizing waste and pollution. Our re-usable tassel tails and hangings are made from biodegradable tissue and twine. These are biodegradable and can be disposed via household bins or composted as they decompose easily.  For latex balloon sets, we use natural cotton twine. 

Balloon weights - we mainly use cute mini cardboard boxes, that are then filled with pebbles as balloon weights. The cardboard boxes can be reused or recycled and the pebbles can be disposed of in your garden. For our latex balloon sets, we no longer supply plastic ring weights, we recommend you attach helium filled balloon strings to chairs, furniture or other decorations.    

Bubble balloons – we no longer supply plastic, single use Deco Bubble Balloons - we hope our green alternatives, that can be re-used will transform your events, for years to come!

Eco labels – we source our biodegradable labels within the UK and use eco-friendly ink cartridges to print them in-house with our logo and messages. We also post back used ink cartridges to our supplier who then refills them to resell. 

Green packaging

Delivery boxes – we’re based in the East Midlands and source recycled cardboard delivery boxes for our balloon-in-a-box gifts from a local packaging company also based in the East Midlands, cutting down on delivery times and reducing the carbon footprint. These products are produced using fewer materials and significantly reduce production and costs, likewise they are easy to dispose requiring less chemicals and can be further recycled.  

Tissue – we use tissue to pack our balloons but also for our hand-made tassel tails – the tissue is high quality acid free and chlorine free and sourced within the East Midlands.     

General packaging – we sometimes use plastic gift bags to wrap our latex balloons when purchased uninflated but recently changed all packing to little paper bags. We’ll still use the odd plastic gift bags as we’ve still got them in stock, but once they’re gone, they’re gone and we won’t be replacing them!


Minimize waste and Recycle – we’ve changed our work space to reflate our eco policies and now consciously separate all waste products into recycling and non-recycling and discard accordingly.

Energy consumption – we’ve got lots of natural lighting in our studio and enjoy switching off when we can and using the glorious natural sunlight during the summer months, we’ve changed all lighting to energy efficient ones and will be upgrading our local delivery van to an electric van as soon as financially possible – we can’t wait!

Delivery – currently we use Parcel Force and the Post Office for national deliveries – they both follow sustainable policies of their own but we will continue to monitor other courier companies – we would love to work with www.greencourier.co.uk but they only cover the London area at the moment.